Our vision, motto and approach

Polruan & Pelynt Academy Vision for 2018




Our motto: I am me, together we are one.


At Polruan Academy, our learning community creates pupils with inspiration, ambition and academic success where pupils are passionate to learn.


Through our dynamic and relevant curriculum, pupils develop a love for learning in the local coastal and rural environment, being aware that learning can come in many forms. They recognise local and global world issues and the impact they have on their future.


They confidently use new technologies as they engage with their learning and to communicate with others, preparing for life outside school.


 Pupils are respectful of and celebrate each other’s differences, heritage and culture. They are self-motivated, assured pupils, able to apply their skills and develop as individuals wherever their future journeys take them.


We are an Academy built on interdependence, encouraging all staff, pupils, parents and carers and the community, to work together to achieve more than they ever could have accomplished as individuals.


  • All pupils are polite, well rounded, inquisitive individuals who are respectful of others


  • All pupils develop thinking skills enabling future success outside of school and in years to come


  • We expect the best from every pupil in all that they do


For our complete visions and objectives please see the attached document.   


Who we are and what we do (mission/aims)

We work very closely with Pelynt Academy. We are two small schools that lie 15 minutes apart. Both schools total approximately 120 pupils when joined together. The tight collaboration enables both schools to maximise their resources and provide the best possible education for their pupils.


Location is key since Polruan is on the coast, right at the top of the hill, with fantastic views of the estuary from the playground and views of the sea 100 metres away. However, space on site is limited. On the other hand, Pelynt has a plentiful site with a super forest school learning area plus sensory garden and various other resources. It is situated in the heart of the village, a few miles form the coast.


All staff work closely together and with the communities to enhance the provision for our pupils. We work alongside other schools and organisations, particularly the church, to provide rich experiences for all of our pupils; giving them inspiration and a thirst for life.