At Polruan Academy we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all pupils who come here We encourage lots of outdoor learning and every pupil has a forest school session every week. This is proving to develop their speech, language and communication skills, giving them the tools to communicate with each other as a team and also to enhance their independent learning skills.
We embrace the Thrive approach and work alongside many outside agencies to provide a positive educational and holistic experience for every pupil.
We converted to an academy on August 1st 2016 and we are proud to be part of Bridge Schools Multi-Academy Trust.
Based in Cornwall, Bridge Schools currently covers the whole of the South West of England. Bridge Schools academies are able to draw upon the experienced, specialist knowledge and resources of its partners giving powerful opportunities for children to learn. The Trust is committed to delivering a high quality educational provision across all academies whilst allowing and encouraging individual academies to respond to the particular needs of its own local community. You can find out more about the trust, and their accounts and procedures here.
Please do come and visit us here and see for yourselves.
Tom Whipps (Acting Head of School)