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Happy Easter! 

We have had a busy final week in Canute class.

We have finished our information leaflets about keeping the planet safe - they look fantastic and are full of useful facts.  

We have had a really exciting Easter egg hunt in our playground and have been thinking about why we celebrate at this time of year. We were also interested to learn about the ways in which Easter is celebrated around the world - ask your child which country celebrates easter by giving chocolate Bilbies! 

Have a wonderful two weeks, stay safe. 

Mrs Barnett and Mrs Chasey. 


Why should we look after the planet?  

To continue our enquiry, this week in Canute we sorted through a huge pile of recyclable materials  - working together to sort the objects by material. We looked at how to sort objects that were made of more than one material and discussed how they could be recycled. 

We then worked in teams to make posters one for 'reduce' one for 'reuse' and the other for 'recycle'. We selected objects from our Recycling Centre (role-play corner) and decided whether we would reduce, reuse or recycle and how detailing this on our poster. The children worked very hard at this and showed great understanding of why reducing, reusing and recycling is good for the environment. 

This week we also began to look for signs of spring. We listened to Vivaldi's 'spring' and went outside drawing pictures on the playground of all the things we think of when thinking about spring. Our playground looked so bright and colourful and it was wonderful to take our learning outside. 


Why should we look after the planet?  

It has been a very exciting week in Canute this week. Following on from our discussions last week we have decided our enquiry question should be 'Why should we take care of the planet?'. 

To begin our learning we have been exploring the Greenhouse effect and have planned and carried out an experiment to highlight the impact of greenhouse gases. All children had to make an accurate prediction, carry out the test, record the results, interpret the results and use them to generate a conclusion. 

The children were all surprised that their predictions were correct and that the tray covered with cling film's ice melted first. 

Well done Canute, you are all brilliant scientists! 


Welcome back  

We have had a wonderful first week back at school, the children have all settled back in very quickly and have certainly enjoyed being able to be together again. 

In Maths this week some of us have been finishing our work on Money while others have been concentrating on 2d shapes.

 We have also thought about our new enquiry and have decided to base our learning around the environment.

In PE we have begun a new unit on games and have really enjoyed getting out and being able to do PE outside. 

In Music we have been singing and practicing keeping in time using our African Drums. 

A super first week back, well done everyone!


Home learning 5th March  

Hi everyone, 

Well done! we've made it to the last day of home learning! You have done so well and we are so proud of you all. 

Attached below you will find the learning activities and resources for today. 

Mrs Chasey has sent you all invitations to join her for 'Once upon a picture' and is very excite to join you all on Teams for the final time. 

You have activities set for you on ReadingEggspress including reading comprehension, spelling and library books. 

Our last virtual class assembly has been uploaded to Teams for you all to view. 

I hope you all have a restful weekend, I can't wait to see you all on Monday! 
Stay safe, 

Mrs Barnett.  

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Home learning 4th March  

 Happy World Book Day Everyone! 

Pop on your favourite PJ's and join me for a world book day lesson at 1:00pm via Teams this afternoon - be sure to bring your favourite bedtime story. 

Attached below are the learning activities and resources needed for today.

There are also lots of world book day activities to enjoy and at 11:15am we are celebrating St Piran's Day with some Cornish singing, yes I know it is a day early, but that will just help set the scene! 
Follow the YouTube link here for the live lesson delivered by Cornwall Music Service:  
Make sure you have a musical instrument ready, if you haven't got an instrument at home, pots and pans and wooden spoons make great sounding drums.

An enjoyable and busy day ahead. I look forward to seeing you all.
Mrs B. 

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Home learning 3rd March  

Hello everyone, 

Attached below you will find the resources and activities for today's learning. For enquiry today we will be completing a sound investigation, the instructions for the experiment are attached below and are also on the learning grid.  

Live lessons for today are as follows:
1:00pm Blue group Phonics
1:30pm Orange group Maths

Assignments have been allocated for you to complete on ReadingEggspress, you have reading comprehension, spellings and a library book. 

Don't forget that tomorrow 4th March is world book day - as last year we are 'snuggling down with a story' and dressing up in our PJ's. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Teams, 
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Tuesday 2nd March 

Hello again everyone, 

It was lovely to see you all yesterday and here about your adventures over the weekend. It sounds like you all had some great time outside in the sunshine.

Attached below you will find the resources and learning activities for today. 

Live lessons for today are:
1:00pm Blue group writing
1:30pm Orange group writing

You also have reading comprehension assignments, spelling assignments and new library books allocated on ReadingEggspress. 

As always, I am looking forward to seeing you all on Teams.
Mrs Barnett. 

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Home Learning Monday 1st March 

Hello again everyone!

I hope you all had a super weekend in the sunshine. 
I can't quite believe that it's March already! 

Star of the week this week went to both Imogen and Iola for their amazing effort, attitude and progress in both reading and writing. 

Well done girls keep up the good work! 

Today's live lesson are as follows: 
1:00pm Blue group Maths
1:30pm Orange group Maths. 

Four our Early Years children (although they would be enjoyable for any of Canute class) this week I have attached some 'movement' activities - enjoy! 

I look forward to seeing you all on Teams, 
Mrs Barnett. 

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Home learning Friday 26th February 

Hello again everyone,

I can't believe that we already at the end of another week of home learning! It has been wonderful to see you all this week. 

Attached below you will find the learning activities and resources for today. Reading comprehension and spelling assignments have been updated on reading eggspress for you. You also have all been allocated a reading book. 

Mrs Chasey is excited to bring you her weekly Once upon a picture lesson. These will be live lessons delivered via Teams, invitations have been sent to your individual teams accounts. 
Blue group - if you haven't already please send me your completed maths work from yesterday for feedback and marking.

Our class assembly has been uploaded to Teams for you to watch, we will have a class story and award our first Star of the week for this half term.

The sun is due to shine this weekend so I have also attached some outdoor activity suggestions to the blog. Well done everyone, it has been a super first week back. 
Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend, 
Mrs B. 

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