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Home learning Thursday 21st January 

Hello everyone, 

Below you will find the learning activities for Thursday 21st January.
Live lessons for today are: 
9:30am Green group Maths
10:30am Orange group Maths
11:30am Green and Blue group writing. 

You should have received an invitation to these lessons in your teams accounts. Please log into your account 5minutes before the lesson is due to start.  

Unfortunately, this week has been a bit of a wet and windy one meaning we haven't been able to go outside and enjoy nature as much as we normally would. Because of this I have found some 'Rainy day activities' that you may want to try. They are attached to the blog along with today's learning resources. Have fun!

I look forward to seeing you on teams,

Mrs Barnett. 

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Home learning Wednesday 20th January 

Wow! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm when exploring Lego earlier in the week. Here are some of your wonderful creations! 

Attached below you will find the the learning activities and resources for today. 
 Live lessons for today are: 
10:30 am orange group writing
11:30am green/blue writing

In addition to your learning grid there are also reading comprehension, spelling and maths activities on Reading Eggspress and Math Seeds. Also, don't forget to log into Times Table Rockstars to practice your times table facts. 

Thank you also for all your photographs of your replica telephones - they look just like the real models. For enquiry today we will be learning about Thomas Edison. 

If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me
I am looking forward to seeing you all on TEAMS,
Stay safe, 
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Tuesday 19th January 

It has been very difficult to decide on Canute star of the week because you have all been doing so brilliantly. You are working hard, attending your online lessons and taking all these changes in your stride. I am so proud to be your teacher. 

I have decided to award star of the week to both Imogen and Iola because of their fantastic phonics work, their creative ideas for their descriptive writing and working hard on their maths. Well done everyone!

Attached below you will find the learning activities for Tuesday 19th January. 

Live lessons for today are as follows: 
10:30am Orange group writing
11:30 am Green and Blue group writing

Reading and spelling assignments have been set for you on Reading Eggspress and there is a short Maths activity set for you on MathsSeeds to complete once you have finished your Whiterose Maths activities. 

Thank you all for your Lego creations, I have been receiving lots of wonderful pictures. If you have anymore to send in please get them into me by the end of the day tomorrow. I will then upload them so that you can all have a look at and share each others creations. 

If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me. 
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, 
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Monday 18th January 

Hello everyone, 

We are at the start of another week. I hope you all managed to have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 

This week we are going to begin looking at some famous inventors and will begin by learning about the man who invented Lego! 

Live lessons today are as follows:

10:00am Green group phonics
11:00am Orange, Green and Blue groups - enquiry. 

You should have received your invitations via teams please log into your teams account five minutes before your lesson is due to begin. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

For our Early Years children I have attached some ideas to develop expressive art and design skills - enjoy being creative and maybe getting a little messy! 

If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me either by email or via the school telephone. 
Stay safe,
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Friday 15th January  

Dear all, 

We're at the end of another week - thank you so much for all your hard work. You are stars!

Attached below you will find the learning activities for Friday 15th January.
There are no live lessons today but keep checking the blog for Canute class story time.

If you have any worries or questions please don't hesitate to contact me 
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. 
Stay safe,
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Thursday 14th January 

Hi everyone, 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for doing so well in our online lessons - it has been wonderful to be able to work with you, share your ideas and see you all. Although this is all strange and new to you, you are adapting to the challenge with ease. I am so proud! 

I am delighted with all the work and photographs I am getting through, you are working really hard. It will be returned to you with some feedback asap. 

Parents and grandparents who are supporting home learning - THANK YOU! 

Attached below you will find the Home learning activities for Thursday 14th January and resources. 

Online lessons are as follows:
10:00am Orange group writing
10:30am Green group maths 
11:30am Blue group writing

You have been sent invitations to these lessons via your teams accounts. As always please log in 5 minutes prior to the lesson beginning. 

If you have any questions or worries, I am here. 
Stay safe, 
Mrs B. 

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Home learning Wednesday 13th January 

Hi everyone, 

It was great to see you for our online lessons yesterday - I hope you enjoyed them. 
Attached below are the learning activities and resources you will need for today. 

Live lessons for today are as follows:
10:00am orange group writing
10:30am green group maths
11:30am blue/green group writing

You have all been sent invitations to your TEAMS accounts. 

If you need anything at all I am happy to help via email: or telephone during school hours. 
Take care, 
Mrs B. 

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Home learning 12th January  

Dear all, 

Please find attached below the learning activities for Tuesday 12th January. I am very excited to be starting our live lessons today beginning with phonics. 

You should have all received an invitation to attend your groups session via email, the times for each group are as follows:
9:00am Blue group
9:30am Orange group
10:30am Pink group
11:00am Green group. 

Please log into your teams account 5 minutes prior to the start of the session, any resources you may need are listed on the learning grid below. 

The answers for today's Whiterose maths activities are not attached for self-marking today. Please could you photograph and submit your work to me by the end of the day so that I can take a look at what you are getting up to. You have all now been signed up to and I have set up an assignment for you to complete in addition to your Whiterose activities. You can log into Math Seeds using your Reading Eggs logins. If you have any problems please let me know, I am here to help. 

I have also attached winter challenge cards to the blog. When out for your daily exercise see if you can complete these challenges and take photographs. 

Stay safe, 
Mrs B.  

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Home learning Monday 11th January  

Dear All,

It has been a different and busy week. We've all had to get used to learning in a new way again but, I've have been so impressed with your resilience and determination to continue your learning journey - thank you so much for the support!

From now, the routine will be as follows:
At the end of each day, I will upload a home learning grid for the following day (Monday's grid will be uploaded Sunday evening). The learning grid will indicate which lesson will be live that day and you will be sent an invitation for this the day before. 
Parents, you will have been emailed your child's username and password for TEAMS and I will send daily invites which you can log into 5 minutes before the time stated on the timetable. Please ensure that you have your microphone muted but your camera on prior to joining the conversation so that we can ensure there is no sound interference.

In addition to the learning grid activities, you need to log in to Reading Eggspress daily to find your reading comprehension and spelling tasks. Don't forget to spend time practising times tables on TTR and NumBots which you have all now been signed up for. Children have previously been given their logins for TTR however if you need them again please get in touch.   

Mrs Wills and I have decided to use INVENTIONS as the theme for our enquiries this term. In Canutewe will work towards answering the question: 

                                                                                              "CAN ANYBODY BE AN INVENTOR?"

The focus question for the first week will be "WHAT IS AN INVENTOR?" and "WHAT IS AN INVENTION?" so we will look at characteristics for inventors and what an invention actually is.  

I would appreciate feed back on the learning provision so I can make sure it is tailored to suit everyone. Any likes/dislikes or suggestions for improvements are most welcome.
Also, remember to let me know if you are experiencing problems with devices and/or Wifi connectivity, I am here to help.

Children who are in our Reception and Nursery groups attached are some activities for you that give you some ideas for being imaginative and developing role play ideas - I would love to see some pictures of you putting these ideas into action!

These are difficult and challenging times but together we can make sure our children get the learning opportunities they deserve. 
Thank you again for your support, 
If you need anything please email me: 

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Home learning week 1 - Friday 

Hello again everyone,

It has been so nice to hear from so many of you over the last couple of days and see photographs of the things you have been working on at home. We have had our first few TEAMS meetings which have been a success and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of you via TEAMS on Monday. 

It has been great to log into our new Reading Eggs learning platform today and see that some of you have managed over 2 hours of learning time on this programme, well done! 

When logging into reading eggs please ensure that you are not just clicking on the 'reading eggs' icon but the 'reading eggspress' icon. The 'reading eggspress' part of the programme is where I have allocated reading comprehension, spelling assignments and reading books. The programme will only allow you to move onto your next assignment once you have completed the first one. 'Fast phonics' is also there for you to play and revise your phonics knowledge - the levels have been set for you yo correspond with your phonics learning in school. A guide to logging into and using this programme is attached to our very first home learning blog. 
You have all been allocated a new assignment today. 

Below are the learning activities and resources for Friday 8th January. 

I am really proud of the way in which you are once again adapting to new and unusual circumstances and engaging with your learning.  As always, if you need anything I am contactable by phone or email 
Mrs B. 

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