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Half Term Week 

This week is Half Term Week

Hello to you all. This week is half term and so there will be no home learning. Please go out (adhering to the government guidelines) and enjoy the sunshine as I believe it is going to be a lovely week. 

Please keep checking the class blog and heads blog site and your emails for any updates we need to pass on to you all. We are awaiting confirmation by the government for our phased return to school next week and will update you as and when this happens.

I just thought I would share this photograph of Lucus, Cory, Brooke and Alexia all having a lovely relaxing time in their spa pool. I am very envious of you all! Please all take time to chill and relax from any home learning, recharge your batteries and most of all enjoy some free time with each other.

Take care and stay safe everyone, and I hopefully will see you all soon.

Mrs Visick. 


Home Learning blog week 7 

This is our final week of The Great Fire of London. This week you will be writing a story. You will need to pick a character and write their story during the fire. You have some science and reading as well as using Bitesize for your maths.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this topic. 

Year 6's,  last week would have been your SAT's week and I know how hard you had worked for them. I just wanted to let you know how proud of your commitment to your learning I am. Well done!

I am having some trouble with my emails at the moment so apologies if you have sent me some photographs, I will look at them as soon as I get it all sorted (hopefully on Monday).
So, instead I thought I would put on a photograph of a very yummy dessert my daughter, who is training to be a chef, made for our dinner the other day. It was a chocolate mouse with a mint cream in the middle. Delicious!!

So what have I been up to? Well I have been working hard on my garden and allotment and growing lots of vegetables. I have also been teaching myself new knitting stitches which require me to concentrate a lot. I do get it wrong sometimes, but I am perservering with it.

Odie is having a wonderful time with all of us home at the moment and he is having lots of cuddles and playtimes. I know that he is missing you all too.

The weather looks to stay nice and warm with plenty of sunshine, make sure you Slip, Slap and Slop and stay safe.

Please let me know of any new skills you have learnt over the last few weeks and if possible send me some photographs so I can let the rest of your class know what you have been learning.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog 6 Week beginning 11th May 2020 

Well Done!

 just wanted to say well done to you all. You are all super heroes because you have adapted to learning from home and I am very proud of you all.

This week our photographs are of Andriy who has been busy creating some flower art and his profile on Samuel Pepys. Hallie has been busy working hard on her home learning but she also has been using her maths skills to help her to bake some cakes. She also has been very adventurous with her dad and sister Tegan climbing trees, safely!! Thank you for keeping me updated with their learning. Please send me your photo's of what you have been up to either your home learning or how you like to relax, I would love to see them.
This weeks learning is back on track with our Great Fire of London topic. You will be writing a diary entry, building a Tudor house, maths and I have included French.
Should you have any queries regarding this weeks learning, please email me I check my emails daily. 
Please head on over to Miss Edwards blog where there are some photos of all the teachers from Polruan and Pelynt reading in all sorts of places. Maybe you could send me a photograph of your favourite reading place. I wonder how unusual they could be?
Following on from my previous blog when it was raining my measurement of rainfall was 5mm. I would love to hear what your measurements were. Please check out Jo Wicks PE lessons everyday from 9:30 am and also Steve Backshall who has a great nature talk at 10am.
Have a lovely week and stay safe.

Mrs Visick

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Home learning blog 5. Term 5 

 Welcome to week 4 of Term 5

Thank you to all who have sent me photographs of your learning at home. It's lovely to see how creative you all are. This week we have Lucus, Cory and Alexia working hard on their computers, doing some exercise and some play time. Thank you to Andriy who also sent in some photographs and I will included these next week.

I have been talking to our Open the Book team and they all send over their best wishes and hope you are all staying safe. They are all busy gardening and being creative, just like you. Reverend Marilyn is very busy holding services via Zoom and has said that she is busier than normal. She spends most of her day at her computer. She sent us all a photograph.

We are taking a break from The Great fire of London just for this week as it is VE Day celebrations. You will be researching and then writing a diary entry, designing a medal and planning a VE Day party.  Your maths is on White-rose. I hope you all enjoy the work.

I have been busy working on my allotment, walking my dog and teaching my self some new knitting patterns as well as popping into Polruan School just to check all is ok so if you need any more home school books please let me know via email and I will arrange to leave them on the gate. Have a really good week and stay safe.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning week 3 

Good Morning Tregeagle Class!

Welcome to week 3 of our new topic. 

This week we are learning about a very famous person whose diary writing has given historians lots of information about the Great Fire of London. His name is Samuel Pepys. I hope you enjoy researching him!

Thank you to all of you who have sent in pictures, this week we have Ellie who has been working very hard and I love your art work , very neat and a lot of detail too. Well done. And to Poppy who has been very busy planting vegetable and flowers to grow , apparently she has the magic touch as all of her plants are growing well. Well done to you as well Poppy. If you have any photographs that you would like to share on the class blog please send them to my email address  I would love see all of your activities not just your home learning.

This weeks weather is not going to be that great (rain!) I have attached a list of 20 things that you can do that does not need a tablet or computer. I would love to hear from you about which ones you picked and why? Another Idea is you could put a jar or jug outside to catch the rain and then measure how much has fallen each day. You could then total up the amount for the week and we could compare our measurements. I will do the same.

Don't forget to look at Miss Edwards Head teachers blog for this weeks question! There is a prize when we return to school!

Thank you to all the parents who I have been in touch with last week. You are doing a great job and it is so nice to hear and see some of you to talk to (keeping to the government guidelines of social distancing). If you need any advice or support with any of the activities that has been set, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look at my emails everyday and will respond as soon as I can.
Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you.            Mrs Visick

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BBC Bitesize and a National Trust Competition 

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

The BBC have now, on their website, daily lessons. This includes English, Maths, Science, Music, Wellbeing etc.

They have videos and interactive activities as well as follow up ideas. Just click on the link and then find the correct year group.

Also please have a look at the document attached to this blog for a very exciting competition that Bridge Schools have with the National Trust. Well worth having a go!

Please check Miss Edwards Head blog for a very interesting question for you all to answer every week. I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

For this weeks work, please see previous blogs.

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World Book Night 

April 23rd World Book Night

This week would have been world book day in school. Please find the Link attached for all the activities the World Book website has. Some of the activities include free audio books, quizzes, interviews, questions and answers with authors. Well worth a look!

For all of this weeks lesson please see previous blog.


Home Learning Blog Week 2. WB. 22.4.20 


Well done to all of you who completed all the work set last week.

Thank you to those of you who sent in photographs of your work or activities you have been up to . It has been lovely to see what you have been doing as I miss seeing you all.

We are continuing with our Great Fire of London topic and this week you will be writing your own information text, drawing maps of London, reading and answering questions on the Great Fire of London and completing Week 2 of Maths. Please continue with your art project. I would love to see some pictures of them towards the end of the week. All of your work is below in the files.

Make sure you get outside in the sun and go for a walk observing the social distancing rules. At school we have been joining in with Jo Wicks' PE sessions. They are great fun and start at 9 am Monday to Friday. Also Steve Backshall has a lesson on nature at 9:30 am too. 

If anyone would like to change their reading book; please let me know by email and we can sort out some arrangements.

If you have any question or would just like to write to me telling me about your week please use my email address 

Have a great week and stay safe.   

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Term 5 Week 1 

The Great Fire of London

The Summer term has official begun and sadly we are not together, but we have been thinking of you all and have produced some learning for you at home this week.

We were thrilled to see some of the photographs and hear about some of the lovely things you have been doing at home too.

We have added below some learning suggestions for you this week and please don’t forget how important it is to make sure you read every day and take some time to practice spelling and times tables too.

You’re brilliant at learning so give it a go I’d love to hear how you get on. You can send an email or some photographs to me using my email address:

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Happy Easter to you all.

Hi everyone, just checking that you are all ok and having a break from home learning for the Easter holidays. I hope that you are getting out into your garden for some exercise and sunshine. I would love to see and hear what you have all been up to as I am missing our daily conversations.

Please make sure that you check our class blog on Tuesday 14th April where I will be posting some activities for you to complete. We will continue with what would have been our topic, so it will be interesting new learning. Please remember to use your home learning books too.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and please send me some photos or send me an email of anything you have been doing.

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Visick


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