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Thank you and goodbye! 

Last Friday saw us say goodbye to our wonderful year 6's. They had a lovely assembly where we talked about them in turn, looked at photographs of their years at Polruan Primary. Ms Foster wrote each of them a leaving poem, they had their traditional gifts of leavers jumpers, autograph book, photos and as this year was different and no parents were able to attend we printed off the assembly powerpoint and sent that home for parents to see. After all that, we then settle down to a cream tea or two or four!!!

I'm sure you will all join me in wishing the year 6's all the best and good luck for their new chapter in secondary school.

I would also like to say to you all have a wonderful summer holiday. I hope the sun shines and that you recharge your batteries and enjoy you holidays.

Finally I would like to say my goodbye's to you all. it is a strange time leaving without seeing you all. Thank you to those who have walked by the school to say goodbye and thank you for all the lovely gifts and good luck messages. I will miss teaching you all but leave you in the best of hands with Mrs Wills. You have been a brilliant class to teach and indeed a lovely school and you should all be proud of what we have achieved over the three years I have been here. 

Have a wonderful summer and good luck to you all for September.

A very tearful Mrs Visick


Home Learning Blog Week 14 

Our last full week of term 6!

Well done to you all, you have made it to the last full week of term 6. This week you will be writing a story of your choosing because I know how much you love to write fictional texts. I have left it up to you to decide your characters, setting and dilemmas. I am looking forward to hearing about them. 

As the school holidays move closer I have been reflecting on our school year. It has turned out very different from what we had planned back at the end of the last school year when we chose our topics for this year. Little did we know what challenges we would face. You have all been amazing and have adapted to home learning very well. I am very proud of each and everyone of you. This week we are preparing to say goodbye to our year 6's who have also had to come to terms with the changes in their last year in Polruan Primary Academy. Their leavers assembly will also be very different for them. So, if you have any best wishes you would like to send to them please email me and I will make sure they hear all of your good luck messages. 

Have a super week!

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog Week 13 

Film Reviews week

I hope you are all well and staying safe. It continues to be important at remembering our social distancing now that we are having a lot more visitors in our town. The three rules to remember are 1. Keep your self safe 2. keep everyone safe and 3. keep the environment safe.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Cornwall Virtual games. I have loved seeing your photographs. If you took part but logged your own results please let me know as I have certificates which I will email out to everyone who particiapted.

The photograph is when we were tasting lots of tropical fruit for our rainforest topic, way back in term 2! I wonder if you can remember what this fruit was called? You could email me your answer

This week we are having a break from learning all about different countries from around the world as I thought you may have watched one or two films since you have been home. I though we could pretend to be film critics and write a review about a clip I have sent you. Follow the links and watch the films then follow the English instructions to write a review. I hope you enjoy it. You also have links to History, Art and Science this week as well as your usual maths.

I am hoping that we can put away our wellies next week and enjoy the sunshine once again (fingers crossed). Have a lovely week and please send me some pictures so all your friends can see what you doing too.

This week I will be contacting any of you who I have not heard from in a while just to check that you are all ok and are able to access the work ok. I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog Week 12 

How was your sporting week?

Our participation in the Cornwall School Virtual Sports Week was a lot of fun. The children in school took part in the standing high jump, boccia, dance and many more. Thank you for your pictures, this week we have Andriy who has been busy everyday completing the challenges. Well done Andriy.

I hope you all enjoyed your home learning and created some yummy French menus.

Some of you may be finding it hard to concentrate on home learning. I do understand that it is very different from learning in school. If you are finding it a bit of a struggle one day please do not worry about it. Go out and have some fresh air and enjoy a lovely long walk or a trip to the beach making sure you keep your social distancing. You will then feel refreshed to have another go again. All I ask is that you make sure you read every day. Just 15 - 20 minutes minimum is all that is required. 

This week we are moving to the country of United States of America. You will be researching their independence day, where the different states are located and learning about the Statue of Liberty.

I hope you all have a lovely week, don't forget to look at BBC Bitesize for their daily lessons too.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog Week 11 

Welcome to home learning Week 11.

This week we are very fortunate as a school to have been signed up to the Cornwall Virtual Sports Week. This is a great opportunity to show off some of your sporting skills and earn points for our school. We will be competing against other schools in Cornwall and within our own Academy. This has come at a time when we would have been thinking and training for our own sports day, so I'm sure you will put in lots of enthusiasm as you would have if we were at school. I will look at the points being won by you all and convert them into house points and then I will let you know which house has won overall for the year at the end of this term. Please take a look at Miss Edwards blog for all the relevant information for this coming sports week. There are links to all the activities and how you can record your points. Good Luck. You'll be great!

Thank you again for your continued support during these unprecedented times,  if anybody would like to send me pictures of work they have done (you don't have to be in the photograph if you so wish) or of any activities you have been doing whilst out and about please send them to ( it is always so nice to hear from you and to see how much you have all grown.

This week we have Hallie who has impressed me with her Tudor house. She has been working very hard building her own replica and it would have fitted in very well in Pudding Lane, London. We also have Lucus, Cory and Alexia enjoying the sun, family games and working on their maths work. Well done to you all too! I particularly like the cheeky smiles from Cory and Lucus. 

This weeks home learning is all about France. I have a few exciting tasks for you to do. As always there will be Maths and English and this is attached below. For your art project I would like you to build your own version of the Eiffel Tower. For Design and Technology how about researching the traditional foods eaten in France and design your own menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Maybe you could have a French day at home and cook some of these meals.
BBC Bitesize has a lesson on French Food and the link to this is

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy competing in the sports activities. I look forward to hearing and seeing some of your pictures.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog Week 10 

Keeping in our bubble.

This weeks challenge by our Key worker children and Year 6 was to design their own bubble wand. They tried a variety of objects from straws to shapes to string and rope. They had some success and were pleased with the outcome. We have been talking about keeping safe in our bubbles at school and making sure that we watch for other peoples bubbles to ensure they are safe too.

The children have also been busy making their own rainbows to put up around the school. A great deal of perseverance was needed to finish these this week and I think they look amazing. We decided to create rainbows as it is a sign of hope and good things to come. They look wonderful.

We have also been looking at the nets of shapes and individually they have created their own using the Polydrons. They had to follow the instructions on how to complete these complicated nets. They really enjoyed themselves too.

It has been lovely to welcome back to school, some of our Year 1 children too. It was delightful to hear their laughter in the playground.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Africa and the ancient civilisation of the Benin people. Our children here in school found it very interesting. They are looking forward to next weeks country which is Greece (Kalimara, which means Good Morning in Greek). I have found some interesting activities for you this week. These include making your own Trump cards about gods and goddesses, learning about the origins of the Olympic games and playing a board game. You will also be drawing and writing a story board about two of the gods/goddesses. 

Have a wonderful week, go out and splash in some puddles, dance in the rain and then snuggle up in home with some hot chocolate.

Mrs Visick

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Home Learning Blog Week 9 

What interesting fact did you find out about India?

Hello everyone,

We started the week by welcoming some of our children back into school. They have been learning and understanding how we keep safe in our "bubble". 

They have also been learning about India.  We created our flag of India and have learnt all about Diwali, the festival of light. They have been busy comparing India to the United Kingdom and have really enjoyed learning about this colourful and very busy country.They have been busy completing their maths work too.

Our new country this week is Africa. A very large and diverse country. You will be learning about the Ancient civilisations of Africa. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your art work, poems and other work that you complete. Please email them to me 

Don't forget to check on Miss Edwards blog for her weekly question and any new information for parents.

I hope you all have a lovely week and stay safe.

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Home Learning Blog Week 8 


I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed the sunshine, it was hot, hot, hot!!

As you are probably all aware our lovely Year 6's are to return to school today. Miss Edwards will have sent them a welcome back package with all the details of how the school will run so that we can all stay safe in our "bubble." For Years 3, 4 and 5 you still have your home learning to complete. Don't worry the Year 6's will be completing the same work and a bit extra! So as usual I will continue to post your learning here every week, on the class blog. 

This term we are going to be looking at different countries and we are beginning with India. India is a fascinating country and I'm sure you will have lots of fun learning all the different facts about this amazing country.

Your maths is back to White Rose and if you look carefully it is all colour coded for your year group. 

If you have any problems with any of the work please email me, I look at them everyday.

Please see your learning attached below. Have a great week and please send me photographs of what you have been up to and I will post them on the class blog. Don't forget to check Miss Edwards blog for her weekly question.

Mrs Visick

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Half Term Week 

This week is Half Term Week

Hello to you all. This week is half term and so there will be no home learning. Please go out (adhering to the government guidelines) and enjoy the sunshine as I believe it is going to be a lovely week. 

Please keep checking the class blog and heads blog site and your emails for any updates we need to pass on to you all. We are awaiting confirmation by the government for our phased return to school next week and will update you as and when this happens.

I just thought I would share this photograph of Lucus, Cory, Brooke and Alexia all having a lovely relaxing time in their spa pool. I am very envious of you all! Please all take time to chill and relax from any home learning, recharge your batteries and most of all enjoy some free time with each other.

Take care and stay safe everyone, and I hopefully will see you all soon.

Mrs Visick. 


Home Learning blog week 7 

This is our final week of The Great Fire of London. This week you will be writing a story. You will need to pick a character and write their story during the fire. You have some science and reading as well as using Bitesize for your maths.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this topic. 

Year 6's,  last week would have been your SAT's week and I know how hard you had worked for them. I just wanted to let you know how proud of your commitment to your learning I am. Well done!

I am having some trouble with my emails at the moment so apologies if you have sent me some photographs, I will look at them as soon as I get it all sorted (hopefully on Monday).
So, instead I thought I would put on a photograph of a very yummy dessert my daughter, who is training to be a chef, made for our dinner the other day. It was a chocolate mouse with a mint cream in the middle. Delicious!!

So what have I been up to? Well I have been working hard on my garden and allotment and growing lots of vegetables. I have also been teaching myself new knitting stitches which require me to concentrate a lot. I do get it wrong sometimes, but I am perservering with it.

Odie is having a wonderful time with all of us home at the moment and he is having lots of cuddles and playtimes. I know that he is missing you all too.

The weather looks to stay nice and warm with plenty of sunshine, make sure you Slip, Slap and Slop and stay safe.

Please let me know of any new skills you have learnt over the last few weeks and if possible send me some photographs so I can let the rest of your class know what you have been learning.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Visick

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