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Spring Time

Spring has arrived and the sunshine has invited us all outside. 
This week, Mrs Chasey brought in plants to revive the flower containers and add some colour and scent to our playground.

The children enjoyed learning about the different herbs and plants, which they will tend to over the summer and hopefully we will see great results over the summer term.

Have a lovely Easter, enjoy the sunshine and the rest.

See you all on April 19th,
Mrs Wills


Outside learning 

What a lovely sunny week,  perfect for us to get outside to investigate rabbit habitats. We explored the tell-tale signs of rabbit presence and turned detectives in the field. The children found evidence of rabbits, entrance holes to burrows and droppings, but sadly not the inhabitants themselves. Back at school, they used this experience to create warrens in the playground.  


Another lovely week 

Another lovely week

We have had another lovely week all of us together again. It is brilliant to have every one of you in school every day. 

This week, we have launched our new enquiry "When did rabbits become pets?" We have already found out some interesting facts about Romans and adaptations.

We have tried to be outside as much as possible and this week we went BIG with spellings.

In maths, we are having fun with fractions.


Last Day of Home Learning! 


Last day of home learning - yippee!

Join me at 9:30am for maths for all. We will look at our Zoo Project so you have started thinking about this ready for our return to school Monday.

Today it is St. Piran's Day. It is a Cornish celebration day and you get the change to learn the story about St Piran in English.

You have reading and spelling activities on Reading Eggspress in addition to the tasks on the grid. This afternoon, I have added activities for a scree-free Friday.

When the time comes, have a lovely weekend I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

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Home Learning 

Thursday 4th February 2021

Pop on your pyjamas, grab your favourite book and join me for a World Book Day lesson at 9:30am.

At 11:15am we are celebrating St Piran's Day with some Cornish singing, yes I know it is a day early, but that will just help set the scene! 
Follow the YouTube link here for the live lesson delivered by Cornwall Music Service:  
Make sure you have a musical instrument ready, if you haven't got an instrument at home, pots and pans and wooden spoons make great sounding drums.

You have a spelling task on reading Eggspress and lots of World Book Day activities for the afternoon. Don't forget to find time to read your book - if the sun is shining, it might be warm enough to read outside.

See you at 9:30am
Mrs W

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Home Learning 


Live lessons is English for all at 9:30am
We will look at how to use the success criteria to write a shared class limerick so you have the knowledge and skills to have a go at writing your own. Please send your completed limericks to me via email or submit them via assignments in TEAMs.

You have a reading comprehension attached below, and spelling tasks on Reading Eggspress. 

Your maths lessons follow on from yesterday, so you should be able to work independently today watching the White Rose video and answering the questions. If you have questions or need support, send me a message in the Teams maths channel.

Don't forget to complete your mathletics tasks ready for returning to school Monday.

Have you got your pyjamas and favourite book ready for World Book Day tomorrow? 

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Home Learning 


Today's live lessons are maths for all groups, timings below:

Red group at 9:15am
Green group at 9:45am
Yellow group at 10:15am
Blue/Purple group at 11am

Please follow the learning grid for your English lesson and for Art and French this afternoon.
In addition, you have a reading comprehension and spelling task on Reading Eggspress.

Finally, please have a look at the pupil voice questionnaire attached below. I would really really like to know your answers to these questions and if you have any good ideas/suggestions for us to continue using when we get back to school next week. Once you have filled it in, please ask an adult to email it to me or you can complete it when you are in school on Monday. 
Mrs W

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Home Learning 


It is March already and time for "Pinch punch first of the month" or "White Rabbits" - which of these do you prefer?

Today, Live Lessons are:

English for ALL at 9:30am
We will explore the features of limericks and work on rhyme together.

Singing at 2:15pm
Followed by the next chapter of our class read, "Buried Alive"

In addition to the learning tasks on the grid, you have a reading comprehension below and a spelling task.
Also, please check you have completed ALL outstanding tasks on Mathletics. Quite a few of you still have some assigned activities to complete.

I have added the 3 song sheets for our singing with Mrs Butlin below too.
Mrs W

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Home Learning 


Can't quite believe it's already Friday.

In our Star of the Week Assembly yesterday, we celebrated the achievements of 3 fabulous learners. LOGAN for showing independence and incredible resilience in tackling his learning tasks with confidence and NADINE and LIAM for being effervescent, exuberant learners who contribute to lessons and make learning happen not only for themselves, but also for their peers. Well done to you all.

Today lessons are:
English for all at 9:15am

Maths for:
Red group at 10:00am
Yellow group at 10:30am

There is a reading comprehension below and you have a spelling task on reading Eggspress.
I have added some practical activities for you so you can have a screen free Friday afternoon, it might be lovely weather again so hopefully you will be able to be outside in the sunshine.

Mrs W

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