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Tropical fruit tasting 

Posted: 05/11/2019
Sarah Visick


Topic WOW day! 

Posted: 05/11/2019
Sarah Visick

Topic launch day was a great success!

The children enjoyed the topic launch day which included; painting pictures of the animals that live in the rainforest, building a shelter that would keep out the rain and insects and tasting some of the tropical fruits found in and around the rainforests. They didn't like all of the fruits!


Would you use a bumbershoot in a rainforest? 

Posted: 05/11/2019
Sarah Visick

We have yet another very busy term. For our 2nd term the children have chosen to learn all about the rainforest. 

We are using two texts, The first one is The Great Kapok Tree and the other is a new book called One Day on our Blue Planet... In The Rainforest. These books will help to inform our writing by understanding the structure of a story, information all about the rainforest and  all the animals and insects who depend upon the rainforest to survive.

We will be writing our own version of The Great Kapok Tree. The children will learn how to write descriptively (settings and characters) whilst understanding the structure of fiction writing. During our PSHE lessons we will be discussing the impact of the deforestation of rainforests and the impact on all animals and humans who live near and far. We will hold a debate in class and then write a persuasive letter.

In maths the children will be learning new methods and strategies to help them with adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

PE is still on a Wednesday afternoon and this term they will be having gymnastics. As it is becoming colder please could you provide them with jogging bottoms or leggings.

Tregeagle class are very lucky as they will be writing their own song about climate change and will be working with Mr Douglas from the Music Hub over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to hearing their song.

Please keep an eye out for letters regarding our Wild Tribe day and parents evening.

And of course we will be answering our topic question...Would you use a bumbershoot in the rainforest?

The end of this busy term will have our annual Christmas play. Rehearsals will start in the next week.


An exciting end to the term! 

Posted: 17/10/2019
Sarah Visick

What a great end to the term!

The children have been developing their skills in addition and subtraction. They have been learning all the different vocabulary associated with this skill and using them to solve problems and investigative questions. 


They have also been very busy writing a newspaper report based on our class text ‘The Street Child’. They have been learning how to use direct and indirect speech and how to correctly punctuate this in their writing. They have also been learning how to correctly use past tense verbs and pronouns to avoid repetition in their writing.


They children were amazing in their harvest festival performance. Learning about how wheat goes from being planted to one of its final products, bread. They used their maths skills to weigh out the ingredients, their science skills to understand the chemical reactions when the yeast is added and finally their art skills to design their own version of a harvest bread. They all produced some amazing breads and they all really enjoyed baking the bread and smelling it cook!


Finally, our end of topic trip to Lanhydrock was a great success. The children were split into two groups. One to learn all about how the children of the house lived and the other group on how the servants worked and lived in the house. We had great fun learning about different items that the children were allowed to hold and use. After lunch we went for a walk around the gardens and found the ‘Cob House” and we found lots of conkers too.


We have had a wonderful term learning about the Victorians. Next term we are looking forward to learning about The Rainforest.

NEXT TERM: We still have our PE day on a Wednesday afternoon.  We also have our class trip to the Eden Project where we will learn even more about the rainforest. The trip is now on Parent Pay for you to make payments.


Term 1 The Victorians 

Posted: 24/09/2019
Sarah Visick

Welcome to Tregeagle's blog page.

For term 1 we are learning about the Victorians as this year is the 200th birthday of Queen Victoria.

Our class text is 'The Street Child'. This is a book about a boy called Jim who has to go into a Victorian Workhouse. The story continues with him escaping and trying to survive on the street of Victorian London.

In English, this week, we are using our class text to help us to write an information text about what life was like in the Victorian workhouses. The skills the children will be learning is how to write using past tense, writing to inform the reader and how to format an information text. In grammar we also will be learning when to use a subordinating conjunction for years 3 and 4 and for years 5 and 6 they will be using relative clauses.

This week in maths we are learning and consolidating our skills in place value. Year 3 and 4 will be looking at numbers up to 3 and 4 digits. Year 5 and 6 will be looking at digits up to 1,000,000 and 10,000,000.

Our PE lessons this term are every Wednesday afternoon, please ensure your child remembers their PE kit.

Question: How long did Queen Victoria reign for? Children to bring in their answers on Friday morning in return for house-points. Good Luck!


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