Tregeagle Class

Tregeagle Class Term 5

England Vs China

This term the children will be comparing two countries. They have chosen China Vs England. they will be comparing food, dress, language, school and landscape to name just a few. In English they will be writing their own Chinese mythological story based on the story of Nian. They will also be writing an information leaflet explaining all about the landscape of both countries. In Maths year 5 & 6 will continue to work with Mr Monks and year 3 & 4 will be learning fractions, adding fractions and finding fractions of amounts. They will also be calculating units of measurements and finding factors of a given number.

In Art and PE (Dance) we will be choreographing a Chinese dragon or lion dance and creating the costumes to replicate this. They will also be creating their own villainous character in art using shading to create an effect. This will also help them to describe their character in their writing.

Mountains will be the theme in Geography, they will be looking at their height and comparing China's Mount Everest with Englands own, much smaller mountains. They will also be looking at famous landmarks of both countries.

Modern Foreign Language :- They will be learning Mandarin. They will be learning how to say hello and count to 10. For RE they will be learning about Buddhism as well as Christianity which is practiced in both England and China. In Science we will continue to design our kitchen garden and source materials to help us to set this up. They will be writing persuasive letters to garden centres as well as learning what plants need to supply us with a good crop of vegetables and fruit.

They will also be practicing their Maypole dance and it's that term where the Year 6's will be sitting their SATS. Good Luck to them, I know they can do this!

Yet again another very busy term !

We work very closely with Pelynt Academy. We are two small schools that lie 15 minutes apart. Both schools total approximately 120 pupils when joined together. The tight collaboration enables both schools to maximise their resources and provide the best possible education for their pupils.

Location is key since Polruan is on the coast, right at the top of the hill, with fantastic views of the estuary from the playground and views of the sea 100 metres away. However, space on site is limited. On the other hand, Pelynt has a plentiful site with a super forest school learning area plus sensory garden and various other resources. It is situated in the heart of the village, a few miles form the coast.

All staff work closely together and with the communities to enhance the provision for our pupils. We work alongside other schools and organisations, particularly the church, to provide rich experiences for all of our pupils; giving them inspiration and a thirst for life.

Canute Class

Welcome to Canute Class - we have been very busy this term so far:

We have been studying ‘fields, feathers and fur’. We began this topic by meeting Spot and Smudge Mrs Payne’s two rabbits. We learnt about how to care for rabbits and were lucky enough to hold Smudge! The children have produced some fantastic writing this half term, which they should be very proud of. We have used the text Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and have written recounts of the story from the ducks perspective. These are up on our class wall – please come in and have a read! In Maths we have been revising our addition and subtraction skills, used mirrors to investigate symmetry and the year 2’s have also been working hard exploring capacity and data. The children have especially enjoyed Science this half term, we have studied habitats around the world and close to home. As a class we went on a walk around the village to spot as many habitats that we could, the children have used this walk as inspiration for their ‘Habitat Maps’ of Polruan. These are absolutely wonderful and again up on the wall in our classroom for you to come and have a look at. A highlight of this half term was having our animal encounter. We were able to meet snakes, lizards, a skinny pig, tarantula, millipedes and even a giant bunny called George! The children were very brave. We are now looking forward to our trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan next week to conclude our learning on this topic. Next half term our topic will be ‘Peter Rabbit’. If anyone has anything that they would like to bring in relating to this topic please do not hesitate.


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